Record Your Voice As Mp3 With Mp3 Voice Recorder

Some times you want to record your voice and mail it to some one who can easily listen to the voice you recorded, but in order to play the recorded voice it has be in a popular file format which is supported by many music players. Mp3 is one of the mostly supported format which is being playable on almost on all the music players.

After some googling we found this easy to use, free and portable program called Mp3 Voice Recorder – which allows you to record a voice and save it in mp3 format, this simple program is does not require installation, you can record and save the recorded voice as mp3 or wave audio file in 3 simple steps.


Follow the procedure below to know how to record a voice and then save as mp3

First run the app directly by double clicking the executable, Click the record button to start recording


click stop button to stop recording


now click save to file button to save the recorded voice as mp3


We found this simple program very easy to use and straight forward, it does what it says and it is completely free very easy to use software.

Download Mp3 Voice Recorder

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