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Whenever I see any new video on youtube I feel like downloading the videos specially songs movie clips. And now I found that a major part on my system memory has been taken by these videos. Moreover, I don’t want to transfer all the video songs in my cellphone. You may think that the solution is to convert the videos to an audio format. But that seems to be too time consuming. So, I tried for a better option and suggest you the same. We can easily record audio of the videos being played on internet using a small software known as Freecorder.

This is a small freeware of 6.8 MB only. The freeware will be directly installed on your browser and the user interface of the freeware has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Let us first see how to use the tool and then we will go through the pros and cons. The first icon shows that you can do the audio recording from youtube and other popular sites.

  • The next icon is used to save the recently played videos on your system.
  • Then you have the option to record the audio in mp3 format. As soon as you click the button it will start recording the audio. And if there is no video being played, it will wait till it is started. The snapshot below shows the audio being recorded.


  • Next option is to convert the audio and video into different formats.
  • Next button helps you to open the saved recordings. By default, the files are stored in Freecorder folder in your documents. Though you can easily change the location with the help of settings by the next icon.


  • Settings will help you to change the Storage Dirctory, Temporary Size of the Videos and Audio Capture Settings. The audio can be saved using Windows Vista Vista Audio Technology and Applian Audio Driver Technology. The MP3 audio bitrate can be changed from the drop down menu.


  • The next icon shows that it can watch videos from different T V channels all over the world.
  • Then there is an audio player as shown.
  • At the end the freecorder icon helps you to perform all these functions from the single dropdown menu.

So, how did you find the tool? Isn’t it amazing and really very easy and fast to use. Now, you don’t have to search for video downloader and then change the format. Moreover, it works similarly for all the websites.

There is only one problem with the tool. It is designed for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer but not for Chrome and other browsers. The automatic recommendations while installation will install it for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Some other similar softwares to record audio:

Audacity can be used for the same purpose though the freeware works a bit different manner. The freeware will be installed in your system rather than browser. You can record any audio through the microphone or in line it with the internet. The snapshot below shows the user interface. The buttons below the menu bar can be used for recording.


FREE Hi-Q Recorder presents a larger number of options available to the user for recording. So, the particular specification can be chosen to record the audio as per requirements. The snapshot below displays the UI.


Similar to Freecoder we have Free Sound Recorder which can be used for all the three browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well. Then you have another software named as Screamer Radio. This is used to listen to radio on internet rather than your device. And the best part is it will also help you to download the files. There are more than 4000 channels synced. You can also use Aktiv MP3 Recorder to record the audio from your system, any live performance that is external audio internet audio or even video games etc.

Download Freecorder

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