Record, Log All Activities On Windows Computer As Video Movie File With HyperCam

HyperCam is a software which is used to record the action from your Windows screen in the form of AVI(Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. It also records the sound from the system microphone. The software records movement of cursor, selection of menus and popping of windows. It allows you to set the area of the screen in which the recording has to be done.

But I would like to tell you that this software is not meant for re-recording of video clips from the windows screen which are playing in windows media player, VLC, Real Player etc. This software can be used to create presentations of the software’s, a tutorial for a problem ,a demo to a software or any other task that you want to demonstrate. But if you have a different motive to Record the screen, keys pressed when children or others use your computer then read the solution¬†here.


As you can see above the various options that are available for you in Screen Area Tab help you to pan the area on the Windows Screen. At the bottom there are various buttons available such as Start Rec.(to start recording), Start Paused(to start recording of a paused clip), Play(to play the recorded file), Defaults(to revert option to default values) and Help(any help regarding the software). These buttons at the bottom are available in every tab.

hypercam 2

In this next Hot Keys tab it tells you about the various shortcuts for the basic video functions which can also be modified according to you by clicking on the keys.

HyperCam 3

In AVI File tab it tells you where it stores the output video AVI file which can be modified according to the user. It also shows you various values of the frames which can also be modified according to video quality required by you. There is also a video compressor select option in case you need to compress the video.

HyperCam 4

In Sound tab you can select the source from where the sound should be recorded for the video. You can also select the various other options such as Number of Channels, Sample Size, Sample Rate.

HyperCam 5

In Options tab you have various options for choosing whether to record cursor or not. In case you record the cursor in which color to denote the right and the left clicks. The volume of sound on the Mouse Click can also be controlled.This software can be downloaded from the link given below and after downloading it you can start creating your own demos, demonstrations or tutorials whichever you like.

Download HyperCam

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