Record Data Downloaded and Uploaded On Your Internet Connection

You might have faced many problems while managing the allotted bandwidth under your internet connection as it would have been difficult to track and monitor the data being exchanged between your system and the internet. But we have a solution to this problem which can be stated as iTraffic Monitor which distinguishes itself from others by its small size and the ability to differentiate the traffic between several IPs with the traffic between their system and network.


Being a very light tool (1.09Mb), it gets installed very quickly and then it continuously monitors the amount of data being downloaded to or uploaded from your system. The nature of traffic on your network will be represented by a graph in which two different colors are used for downloaded and uploaded data. The x or horizontal axis will be representing the time instant and the y or vertical axis will be representing the amount of data exchanged.

By default, the minimized graph will cover the span of 4 minutes at any point of time but with the help of browse option you can view the graph at any instant of time (provided the tool must have been working at that time).


If you want to monitor the traffic for a specific interval of time then you can use the Stopwatch option which enables you to monitor traffic separately for a specific duration of time by adding another column to the left of the graph as described in the snapshot.


Besides monitoring, this freeware can also keep the track of traffic on your network for many hours/days/weeks/months/year (as shown in the snapshot below) and it won’t occupy any extra space for keeping the records.


If you want to change the color, font or scale representation of your graphs then these can be done easily by selecting the suitable tabs in setup option of this tool. It can also monitor the wireless traffic by changing the Ethernet adapter selected in setup tab and you won’t have to start it again and again while switching on the system if you enable the “Load on System startup” in the options available at setup menu.

This tool is very much helpful for the users who are supposed to get connected to LAN while working on internet as it uses the installation of WinCap which will filter out the traffic between IPs so that the original situation can be studied.

This tool works on all versions of windows including windows 7, and we have just tested it on windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition.

Download iTraffic Monitor

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