Reconnect To WiFi Network After Password Has Been Changed

There are times when you need to change the password of your wifi network, just to kick out some unauthorized users using your wifi network who might have got the old password from somehow, so you changed the wifi password.

Now, you yourself not able to connect to your own wifi network after you changed the password though the router interface, follow the procedure below to connect to the same network.

1. Go to Network and Sharing Center in windows control panel, through windows search.

12-30-2010 12-26-35 AM

2. Now click Manage Wireless Adapter

12-29-2010 8-07-32 PM

3. Now remove the wifi network configuration here, whose password has been changed as shown in the image below.

12-29-2010 8-07-15 PM

4. Once you have removed the previous saved configuration settings, then try connecting again, enter the new password this time, you will be able to re connect now to the same wifi network whose password now has been changed.

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