Reconnect iPhone To Wifi Network Whose Password Has Been Changed

There might be a time when you have already configured the connectivity on your iphone for a particular wifi network and that network is remembered and iphone connects to it automatically, and after some time you or someone has changed the password but now you are not able to connect it again as due to the stored settings your iphone tries to connect using the same old password, whenever you try to connect, you see the following error on the iphone screen.


Now, in order to connect the same wifi network you will need to erase or delete the old remembered configuration on your iphone and then reconnect and enter the new password for connecting again.

Follow the procedure below to connect to the same wifi network with a new password this time

1. On your iphone go to settings >> wifi and tap the arrow icon for the network with which you want to connect as shown in the image below.


2. Now tap the option on the screen which says Forget this network as shown in the screenshot below.


3. Now confirm to delete the remembered wifi network settings as shown in the screenshot below.


4. Now try connecting to the same wifi network again and now it will ask for the password and you will be able to reconnect to the same wifi network with different password. Let us know through comments if you still face any issues in connecting to the wifi network after following the above steps.


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