Reasons To Jailbreak Or Install Cydia On Your iPhone

I must have said it a thousand times by now that apple iphone is the most advanced electronic gadget present in the current mobile phone market today. Well I didnt use the word mobile phone while describing this device because to me it has been much more than a simple mobile phone and it has been moreover a complete entertainment system and also I can download any app I want to make use of the features of this gadget. There are thousands of applications present for all types of day to day tasks and there are many games and entertainment applications that can be added to this device according to your requirements.

Now being a computer geek we all feel like there were some setbacks also, like a normal developer cannot develop and install his own app until unless it has been approved by apple and put on its app store. So what he could do? Well the simplest answer was to jailbreak this device and let it break free from all the limits that apple has put to this device. Well there may be a thousand geniuses sitting in the think tank of apple’s developing department but it is also possible that a person sitting on his own computer developing an app may come out with something awesome that can leave behind all the previously developed apps in popularity.

Recently at a conference Mr. Jay Freeman more commonly known as Saurik the man who gave us Cydia and many more applications, themes and other stuff said that due to some rumors people hesitate to jailbreak their iphones.The most common rumors are that the owners would not be able to download apps from the appstore if they jailbreak their idevices and also that apple may cancel the warranty if the iphone is jailbroken. Well we would like to tell you that all this information is not true and you will be well able to use your device in any way you want after you jailbreak it.

Below is video by Jay Freeman [ Saurik ] giving the reasons why you should jailbreak your iphone.

So in the end all we would like to say is that, if you are interested in jailbreaking your idevice and the only fact stopping you is one of the above rumor then you should go ahead and give it a try. Also if you encounter any problems you can always restore your iphone to the original settings. Always remember to keep a backup of your files though.

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