Rearrange, Relocate or Reorganize Windows To Use Desktop Space

While using your windows operating system, every now and then we come across a few situations where we have to open a number of windows simultaneously to accomplish the task and eventually face a lot of trouble managing and positioning those windows.

Such problem arise while we wish to transfer files from a particular partition to say folders dedicated to movies or songs or images and wallpapers and others as well. Sometimes we even have to copy files from different locations to one USB flash drive or external hard drive.

And for all such tasks we first open all those folders from where the files need to be picked and on the other side,open a window separately for the targeted folder or drive, which is very tedious since proper organization is important at that point of time to efficiently transfer files.

WinSplit Revolution is an awesome utility available for free which makes organization, positioning and resizing of several windows at the same time, very convenient and effective and all the above mentioned functions can be controlled easily with an onscreen remote.

WinSplit Revolution

The utility is useful for users working on high end LCD screens with high resolutions as on such screens one can position many windows at the same time with no overlapping and with wide screens the software divides your screen automatically into halves, thirds, fourths, etc. Below is the image of the onscreen controller.

How To Position Windows Using WinSplit Revolution

One can also place windows using your keyboard numpad with the default key combination as Ctrl+Alt+NUMPAD. For example if one wishes to place the desired window the left top corner, then he/she will have to press Ctrl+Alt+Num7. For the left bottom corner press Ctrl+Alt+Num1, for moving a window to the centre press Ctrl+Alt+Num5 and similarly for other positions.

WinSplit controller

New Features Available With WinSplit Revolution

  • Automated Update manager.
  • Drag’n’Go feature added which allows users to place a window without hotkeys.All one needs to do is to hold the Ctrl and Alt keys and move the window to the desired place and WinSplit will highlight the recommended area of the layout .
  • Layout manager. to choose among the different layouts.
  • Fixed bugs.


The utility supports Windows 2000,XP,Vista and 7(both 32 and 64 bits).

Download WinSplit Revoltion

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