Real Metro Style User Interface Theme For Windows 7

For all those who have experienced and used the Metro Unique Interface of Windows Phone 7 devices and have liked it so much so that they want to have it on their desktop PCs running Windows 7(and also for those who don’t own WP7 mobile device), is now being made possible by the  member named fediaFedia over at  DeviantArt. Yes, fediaFedia is working on an awesome looking theme, which brings Metro UI to your Windows 7 desktop via Rainmeter software. It certainly is a very tempting theme, which is inspired by WP7S, and definitely worth a look. Even though it is not ready yet for real use, we just thought to share the news with you guys.

Microsoft wants people to find things and guide them into the right directions. That’s how they came up with the Metro theme that is using graphic from underground subways (NY, London). Pretty simple concept, but it works amazingly well. As for my personal openion, more Windows apps with the Metro UI theme would be highly appreciated, because it is one of the best designs that i have seen lately.

Metro UI Theme Main Features :

  • The metro UI is so pretty because it’s very minimalistic. The Metro UI font is supposedly a modified Verdana fontNearly
  • 30 interactive fully functional panels
  • 24+ Different color skins including glass
  • Super easy setting changing
  • Perfect for notebooks and netbooks
  • Create any layout
  • fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine

fediaFedia qoutes, “Just like the phone, the blue boxes will have hover effects and serve as either a shortcut or a info panel. I plan that there would be 12 switchable panels which show various information. The background will be tinted with a gradient getting more black to the left and more transparent to the right. Still not sure what to do with the items under “Friday”, but Im thinking those will be usual readers and notes and stuff.”



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