Read Web Pages On Internet Without Advertisement With Clearly

Nowadays internet is the best source information available to everyone, so if you wish to get any information related to any topic then you juts Google it and then read the articles on the links mentioned in the Google Search Results page, but there are certain things which might irritate the users, most of them who are newbie at internet browsing will definitely get annoyed by the advertisement which can divert their attention and especially if the Pop-up blocker of your browser is turned off then you are in big trouble.

If you browse to a website and then wish to read the article without getting annoyed by any of the advertisement or if you want to read the articles with the style of font and the background color in which you wanted then I have an extension of Google Chrome which will give you a real comfortable reading experience when you browsing through internet and reading the interesting articles. The link to download the extension has been mentioned below. You can call this extension as Evernote clearly



Click that link, download and then install the extension in your Google Chrome browser. After installing it you will see a Lamp shaped icon on the add-on bar of the Google Chrome browser. You will see that the same article will be opened in the same tab in a new style where you will not find any advertisement or any other source of distraction. You will only see the required content and the images to understand the article.


On the right hand side there 4 icons, first one like arrow will put you back to the normal way of reading that article. The second icon is used to clip the part of a file and then save it if you want to read article later on, the third icon is used to adjust the font and the color pattern of the background and text to make it comfortable for you to read the article. The last one is to print the article excluding all the advertisement. This extension will help you to lay your eyes only on the required content. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Download Evernote Clearly [Google Chrome ] | For Other browsers refer this link

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