Read, View Google+ Stream Sidebar Gadget For Windows 7

Social networking has definitely become one of the major activities in which users all over the world are involved. There are large number of social networking websites which allows the users to create their account for free and then allows them to connect to their friends, relatives and other members on that particular website. It allows the users to share information in the form of blogs, articles, photos, videos, etc. As we all know, few months back Google also introduced one of such networking websites and it was named as Google+. Although, it has all the common features available on various other social networking websites, but it also introduced a large number of new features and functionalities which attracted a large number of users over the globe. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular websites among the user and various utilities and tools has also been developed which supports this wonderful website.

One of such utilities which we are discussing today has been specially developed for the users of Windows 7 who have their account on Google+. As we know after the launching of Google+, it gained good momentum in its starting days itself and Google also added some new features including games in Google+. So, if you are also a Google Plus user, and you like to be a part of this particular website then here we present you a desktop gadget for Google+ and that too only for Windows 7.


G+7 is basically a small, useful, easy to use and over all it is a freely available desktop gadget designed especially for Windows 7 users. This utility keeps the user in contact of various friends, relatives through the Google+ as it brings in Google+ to desktop from where you may access your stream and updates from friends easily without even opening the browser. It thus saves a lot of time fro the user and on the other hand it provides simplicity for accessing the networking website and that too without the help of a browser.


If you want to try out this special utility then you may download it from the link given below and after installing it in your computers, you may observe that the gadget comes with different sizes and allows the user to select the size which is suitable for the desktop. Although, it allows the user to choose the size according to the need but one thing must be noted that there are only predefined sizes from which the user may choose and one cannot set custom size. It also provides an option to view your Google+ feed, but there is no option to update any of those feeds. So, if you click on any feed item, you may observe that it opens a window where you can easily see much more details and comments.

Download G+7

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