Read Tweets From Twitter Id As Rss Feed In Google Reader

Twitter is no doubt a great real time source of huge information flowing all the time, so some times you would like to follow some most important inspiring people on twitter but instead of following them I decided to read tweets from twitter id as RSS feed in feed reader like google reader.

read tweets from twitter id as RSS feed

This way you could not only read all the tweets so easily under a single feed address but on the other hand it will let you save and backup them at the same time by fetching them in the feed readers. In order to subscribe and read all tweets from a twitter id you can add to google reader – replace the username with a twitter id like and add it directly in google reader to subscribe to all my tweets as feed as shown in the image below.

twitter feed in google reader

If the above URL does not work and you are using a different RSS feed reader program. Use the following URL and replace the account name

for example


Simply substitute your Twitter profile name with mine in the link below.

You can also replace your Twitter Profile ID number as well if you know it. To find out the twitter profile ID, go to and enter your twitter username, for example mine will come out to be.

Use any of the link to add them to the feed reader of your choice you will be able to read the tweets from the respective twitter id easily. There is one free web service named GTweet as well which allows you to do this more easily if you choose google reader to read tweets.

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