Read QR Codes In Web Browser Without Phone Camera or Webcam

Today I have got an application for you named QReader which will allow you to read a QR code from the browser. The application is an extension in Google Chrome which will allow you to read the QR codes in the browser.

QR code is known as Quick Response code. It is a type of a matrix barcode. These codes were first designed for the automotive industry. But now these codes have become very popular outside the industry due to its features like large amount of storage and its reliability. The code contains black modules which are arranged in the form of a square pattern on a white background. These codes were initially designed to track parts in a vehicle manufacturing unit. But now a days these codes have entered almost every industry such as entertainment, transport ticketing, commercial tracking and product labeling in stores. The QR codes are very popular among the mobile users as now a days the smart phones running on Android, iOS and Blackberry OS are designed to read them.

Using these QR codes cellphone users can send and receive a text message. You can also use your mobile phone to send and receive a vCard contact. Mobile users can send and receive things like URI(Uniform Resource Identifier), URL(Uniform Resource Locator), E-mail, and text messages in these codes. Now a days there are a lot of free and paid apps available for smartphones which can be used to generate and read QR codes. Using a QR code application on your smart phone you can read these codes present at various places such as magazines, on vehicles, on signs, on business cards or any day to day item that we use.


Image Credit Flickr.

But what will happen if you don’t have a smartphone and you have to read a QR code on the internet. Don’t worry the QReader extension will give you the option to read the QR codes from the internet without the need of any smartphone. You will have to download the extension in your Google Chrome browser. Like in all other case in this case there will not be any icon that would be appearing on the right side of the address bar. However as soon as you will right click on any QR code image on any webpage as shown above in addition to normal options that you get while doing a right click on the image there will be an additional option i.e. Read QR code from image. The extension is really simple to use and you will only have to right click on  any QR code image to read it.

Download QReader.

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