Read PDF Like A Real Book Using Flipping PDF Reader

Now a days we use a PDF readers all the time at our home as well at work. In our offices as well as in or home’s the PDF reader is used for making as well reading the PDF documents. We mostly use Adobe PDF reader as a default PDF reader, but we have many other alternatives available in the market. Today I am going to tell you about one such alternative, Flipping PDF Reader. Flipping PDF Reader can be used in case you want a better experience and interface while reading the PDF documents. It provides you with the flipping page effect. The software is a simple and better alternative to the windows PDF reader.

pdfReader 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the tool for the first time after downloading and installing it. The various options available in the toolbar of this software is File, View, Search, Navigation, Publish etc. .

pdfReader 2

The above image shows the File menu options like Open, Clear Recent Items List, Print and Exit. The tool is divided into two windows and every windows has some icons at the bottom. The left window i.e. the Thumbnails windows has the options like Go to Bookshelf, Table of Contents, Thumbnails and Bookmarks. The Go to Bookshelf option has all your PDF’s from where you can access any PDF that you want without having to browse and find your PDF’s every time . Table of Contents will show you the table of contents for the PDF that you are reading. Thumbnails option will show you the thumbnail view of the PDF so that you can access any page that you want using the thumbnails view. You can also add Bookmarks using the add Bookmark button. The right window i.e. the PDF window will allow you to read the PDF, this window has options like Search, Toggle Full Screen, Zoom In/Out, Print, Sound, Previous page and Next page.

pdfReader 3

The above image shows the View menu options like Full Screen Mode, Show/Hide left Panel, Show Contents, Show Page Thumbnails, Show Bookmarks and Color settings.

pdfReader 7

The above image shows the Color Settings available to change the color of the software panel.

pdfReader 4

Search menu has options like Find in book, Find next, Find previous and Go to page.

pdfReader 5

The Navigation menu has options like Next Page, Previous Page, First Page, Last Page, Zoom In/Out and Back to Bookshelf.

pdfReader 6

The Publish menu has options like Publish to Web and Publish to exe. If you want to convert your PDF into a Flash Flip Book Click Here.

Download Flipping PDF Reader.

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