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Many of us has to work all day sitting in front of computer only. So, to keep ourselves updated, some of us like to subscribe to our favorite sites and read about different topics in Google reader.

But, all the topics of those sites are not equally good. Since, while working, we can only spend a limited amount of time in reading so, some topics which are just average takes all our time and stops us in concentrating on the important ones.

Considering this problem, chrome has come up with an extension called PostRank which filters our Google reader and helps us to find and read only the good articles.

When you will install it, it will ask you the access to the data on all websites. You just have to click ‘Install’ and it will be installed in just a few seconds.


After installation, the option of PostRank will appear in the Google reader. Whenever you will start reading something, it will help you identify the stories that are receiving the most user engagement.

It will rate all your items by aggregating engagement activity (tweets, comments, votes, etc), from over two dozen social networks, and ranks stories based on how much engagement each has received and thus, helps us in concentrating on the most important article first and filtering the average ones.

If the rating is above 2.7 then, it is good, if it is above 5.4, it is great and if the rating is above 7.6 then, it is the most important story which you should read at first.

You can also apply custom filters to hide low engagement stories in any feed or folder.


By going in the ‘options’ of the PostRank extension, you can also enable its meta-data for Google search results, and even sites like Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, and many others from the list and just click ‘save’.


Also, for using this extension in incognito window, just mark the option of ‘Allow in incognito’ in the ‘Extensions’.


NOTE: It is advisable not to use this extension in incognito window because chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the history of incognito window.

Download PostRank

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