Read Hindustan Times News On Your Nokia Symbian Device [s60 5th Edition]

Do you like reading newspaper everyday? Well who doesn’t like since for most of us it is an addiction more than a need. The level of addiction is very much evident by the number of people we come across daily while travelling by bus or train.Whether it’s a restaurant, park, coffee shop or any other public place, individuals are seen relaxing themselves by reading newspapers.

Though technology has extended itself to almost every possible field, people still find newspapers a better means of connecting with the latest happenings globally and nationally. But we believe that things should be as portable as possible and still be useful enough. The same belief is carried with the newspapers as well and now that we have some very cool multimedia phones in the market, it would be desirable not to carry an actual newspaper with you and instead read all the recent ongoing on your device itself.


Nokia has went the same way and understood the importance of keeping abreast with the recent news across the globe and is providing an app for the same on the Ovi Store. Named as Hindustan Times, the app is completely dedicated to providing the best news experience on the go and works with your 3g and wifi

It occupies hardly 0.3 MB of space and is available for free on the store. The interface is too simple and the application also provides the option of searching a news by entering text as well as by various categories included such as top stories, local news, india news,world news, world news, cricket, other sports, business, cinema, photos, lifestyle etc.

Download Hindustan Times – [Nokia Ovi Store]


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