Read Google Reader Website Feeds In A Newspaper Layout Design Using Readefine Desktop Tool

In today’s world when we have gone so far in the world of science and technology the only source of information that we find readily accessible all the time is internet. Whenever we have to know about anything we will open the internet and read about it. This is same about the everyday news  that we read from various sites or for which we have to download the e-papers. But now I have a tool Readefine Desktop which will enhance your experience  of reading.

This tool beautifies all the things you read like articles from Google Reader, RSS, normal text and HTML. The tool will allow you to view multiple articles in various styles. You can also control the settings like font size, column size, column count paragraph etc. . You can navigate between various articles from various sources very easily.

Readefine 2

This the first page that will open up when you run the software after installing and downloading it. There are many options available to format the text such as Read Article, Layout, Text Formatting and Settings.

Readefine 1

Of the many options available to format text in this tool we will first discuss Read Article. Read Article has various options to select articles to read from various sources like From Google Reader, Web, Computer etc. . There are different ways to get articles from various sources like from Google Reader you can read articles by signing in. You can read articles from Web by simply giving their address, and also you can read them from your computer by browsing and going to the location where they are stored. Then there are layout options also in which you can choose from Magazine and Classic.

Readefine 3

The options are also available to modify the text settings. You can change the font, column width, column count, line-height and paragraph settings etc. .

Readefine 4

There are some options available for you to change the settings of the tool which includes the Maximum articles shown and links to connect to various sites such as Twitter, Instapaper and Read It Later.

Some key features of this tools are :-

1. It provides you with multicolumn and newspaper layouts for RSS and Google  Reader.

2. If you don’t like to scroll the text. it also has the option to divide the text into multiple pages for easier reading.

3. You can use the Next Page button in Magazine layout to mark the articles as read. You can also use the various keyboard shortcuts also to change the font size and do may more things.

4. It resizes the pictures the pictures and videos to fit according to the layout. It removes newlines, empty br ,p tags and also supports drag and drop of text or RSS or HTML. You can also copy can paste the files directly from your computer.

Download Readefine Desktop.

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