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Google allows the viewing of its Google group and blog contents through a third party software known as the Google Reader. Expresso reader is a great way to browse your topics while you not only enjoy the look and feel of it, but also browse various categories of topics with ease. It is an application on the basis of the Google Reader, which offers additional functionality in the form of Twitter as well.  The software looks simple but it is actually more than what it meets your eye. You just need to adjust to its feel during the first usage and then you can manage your tasks with ease.

Expresso Reader is a very small freeware of 408 KB. However, you need to install Adobe Air to work with tool. When you open the software after it is properly installed, you are greeted by a welcome page as shown below. It provides an option to login into your Google reader or your twitter account. You can enter your valid google username and password.


In order to login into your twitter account, select the twitter tab. Click on the “Click here to login into twitter” button. Enter the digital code, which in turn can be generated by entering your twitter id and password. Once correct id and password has been entered, the system will display another page, which contains the authentication code. It has been shown in the snapshot below.


The software when working as a Google reader gives you two different views i.e. the magazine view and the list view. The option in available at at the central top of the window.

  • Magazine View: The magazine view tiles the posts of the group selected in a way that it resembles a magazine and all posts form a sort of a page.


  • List View: The list view as the name suggests displays the contents in a list format. It displays the title of the post in the list on the left side, and the expanded contents on the right side, when you click on the title.


You can refresh the feeds if required by the button on the left hand side top corner. Along with that there is an option to select the type of feeds you need to display. You can either display the ‘updated feeds’ or ‘All feeds’ using the option. By default, it shows updated feeds. The snapshot below shows all feeds.


While working in the twitter mode, you can read tweets from the people you are following, as well as tweet from there. By clicking on the Share on Twitter link you can tweet from the Expresso Reader.


The tool has been tested with Windows 7 so will be compatible with all other versions. However, the developer has designed it to work in multiple environments like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Download Expresso Reader

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