Read Emails From Multiple Gmail Accounts On iPad, iPhone

There are times when you may want to read emails in multiple gmail account on your iphone or ipad, at such times if you have configured one account in default email app on iphone or ipad then you might consider reading emails in another email account by safari browser. But in cases when you have more than 2 accounts in gmail it becomes difficult to read all these emails in separate accounts as you will need to sign in or sign out from different accounts one by one.

MultiG is specifically designed for people that have multiple Gmail or Google apps accounts. It was designed and implemented for both the iPhone and iPad. It uses Google’s amazing web client, which features some unique features in gmail.


It uses imap to get unread counts and optionally sets a badge on you icon telling you how many unread messages remain. Since this uses imap you get unread message count rather than threads. The first two accounts are free. You can unlock unlimited accounts via in app purchase. You can purchase and use this app on iPhone or iPad as it is designed for  It opens external links inside the app for quickly looking at a link and then getting back to email.

Install MultiG From The Following iTunes App Store Link

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