Read, Copy Data From Faulty, Corrupted Flash USB Pen Drive in Ubuntu or Linux Distribution

We run answers by troublefixers which is portal as a part of our Technixmedia website network, we have received many questions on on our portal which relates to different problems but most of them are related to Flash, USB drive or as some people say Pen drives. Some times some users complained that they cannot read data or files on their USB flash drive on a windows computer, because they feel that some how the have corrupted flash USB Pen drive.

Copy Data From Faulty, Corrupted Flash USB

We have posted about many solutions to USB drive problems like, for example you can read our guide on how to copy data or files from virus infected USB flash drive. Another way to protect your computer from virus in Flash Drive which are plugged to your computer USB ports, can be found here and here

Another way to read data or copy files or folder from a corrupted or faulty flash drive you should try connecting them to mac os x or ubuntu linux system which might be helpful in reading the contents of the USB flash drive. In case if you don’t have linux, you can either install in windows using wubi by reading our tutorial or else install and run it from the USB flash drive, read more here about this.

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