Reactivate MS Office 2010 Trail For Next 30 Days – Extend Office 2010 Trail Upto 6 Months

As we know you can get MS Office 2010 free download with a trail of 30 days, Microsoft allows its users download free copy of office 2010 and use it for free upto 30 days but then you would need to purchase and register to use it further.

But there is tweak with which you can extend your trail upto 6 months by extending the trail period after every 30 days, this is called rearming the trail version of office 2010, Today we will tell you how can you use the trail version of office upto 180 days or 6 months simply by extending the trail period.

Office Trail Extender allows you to reactivate MS Office 2010 after every 30 days when the trail is over, upto 5 times – using this tool is very simple you just need to run it and press the button Rearm


This tool works for both office 2010 32 bit and 64 bit, and compatible to run with all versions of windows including windows 7. It requires .Net Framework 3.5 or higher to run

Download Office 2010 Trail Extender

Note: If the above tool does not work for any reason you may also try following the manual method to extend the trail period of MS Office 2010, manual method is given below, it involves command prompt.

1. Navigate to the following folder path C:%Program Files% Common Filesmicrosoft shared OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform

2. Right click the file named OSPPREARM and select it as run as administrator

3. You should see the DOS black window which runs this executable and extend your office trail for next 30 days

or if you don’t see a black DOS windows then select open command prompt here or open command prompt from that explorer folder

4. Type OSPPREARM.EXE at the command prompt.

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