Rainify Skin For Winamp [ With Transparent Effects ]

There are number of MP3 players available today and some of the popular among them are Windows Media player, VLC player, QuickTime Player, Real Player but the most popular player among masses is Winamp. The reason for its popularity is its exciting looks, new features, supports 60 file formats and on top of that, simple accessibly of all the options in single window only.

The latest version of Winamp 5.58 comes with two new skins i.e Bento and Big Bento along with basic Winamp Classic and Winamp Modern, but today we will be telling you about such an amazing skin of Winamp that surely you will want to shift to Winamp even if you use any of other player. The name of this exciting and innovative skin is Rainify.

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This is how this skin looks like. It is a pure black skin and looks really awesome. You may not be able to use this skin properly, if you are using older version of Winamp. So in order to use this skin first download the latest version of Winamp from link and then download this skin. You will see a RAR file with name Rainify when you download this skin. Now open this RAR file and extract its contents to desktop.

Now you will just need to copy the extracted folder “Rainify” to the location “C:\Program files\Winamp\Skins”. Once you copy this file, close your Windows Explorer and then run the Winamp. Now when you right click on it, under skins option you will see Rainify. Select this skin and give your Winamp an exciting new look.

The exciting feature of this skin is that you can set opacity of your player. This is the first skin for any player using which you can change opacity setting of your player. After selecting this skin, when you will right click Winamp, you will see a new option available with name “Window Setting”. Go to this option and then go to “Opacity” and then select the opacity level.

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Select any percentage value or press on Custom to select any value from 0 to 100. I will show you an example how your player will look when you make it 50% opaque.

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Opacity changes is applied to all windows except the video one so that it wont affect the visibility of your videos. Rest all features will remain same as they usually appear in your Winamp player.

The size of this skin is 594 Kb and it requires no installation. This Winamp skin is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successful on Windows 7 – 32 bit edition with Winamp 5.58 and we recommend you to use this latest version of Winamp only for this skin.

Download Rainify

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