Quitter – A Simple Twitter Client Which Runs In A Command Window or DOS Window | Portable Twitter Client Download

Quitter is a free to use and opensource, simple twitter client which does not have any flashy interface, rather it runs from a small command window in DOS mode in windows. It is completely portable twitter client which does not require any installation as it runs from a single executable which is 105 kb in size, so it can easily fit into any pen drive you have.


Some key features if this small and simple twitter client are , see some more screenshots of the application here

  • you can read, post, reply and retweet to any message from command line.
  • you can organize the people you follow into groups and read tweets by group of people.
  • you can highlight tweets from specific users or that contain some specific  #hashtags 
  • you can use URL shortening services like TinyUrl.com 
  • you can open the links in your default browser with mouse click or copy paste needed
  • you can send and receive direct messages to other people who follow you
  • you can follow or unfollow any one at twitter

Requirements To Run Quitter – It runs properly on Windows 2000/XP/Vista but requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Download Quitter


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