QuickOpen – Quickly Open Folder, Program, Website and Control Panel With Predefined Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickOpen is a free utlity which lets you open file, folder, program, web site and program of control panel with one or more keystroke you defined and memorize easily. we have written some similar tips like how to Open Recently Opened Folders Quickly In Windows, Open Folder With An Alias Name


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It has some default mostly used applications for which you just need to set a custom keyboard shortcut to open that program, here how you can configure the hotkey after double clicking the selected entry in the program interface. [ shown below ]


Following Are The Key Features

1. It Supports Unicode file name.
2. Drag item from windows explorer or shortcut to add to the list.
3. It can start with Windows.
4. Unique Hotkey of activate which prevent from conflict with other program.
5. Lightweight and efficient.
6. Multi-Language support.

Download QuickOpen Portable | Installer

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