Quickly Switch To Google Public DNS Servers or Restore To Old Default DNS Servers With Google DNS Helper

Google has recently introduced Google Public DNS Service which provides faster and safer browsing by using the Google Public DNS Servers rather than your slow ISP DNS servers. However changing the DNS servers of your network adapter is quite tedious job as you will need to type in the DNS Servers of Google [ and ] you cannot simply copy and paste them in the boxes. [ as shown in the image below ]


On the other hand Google DNS Helper is a small utility coded in .NET using C#. It backs up your current DNS server address and then changes it to Google’s DNS. You can restore your old DNS anytime you want just by a simple button click.


The above application interface is really simple, you don’t need to configure anything just click the button Switch to Google DNS to apply google dns servers and to revert back to old dns servers click the button Restore DNS.

Note: This application requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to be installed on your computer.

Download Google DNS Helper


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