Quickly Share Text Between Multiple Text Editors In Windows

No matter whatever is the domain in which you are working, you might be using one or the other text editor for modifying and reading text files. You might have experienced a scenario when you are editing some text in one of such text editor and you need to send text to some other file or editor. In such scenario, one may feel helpless and will either use copy and paste option or will look for some other way around. So, for such scenarios we can recommend you a small utility which may prove helpful for you.

Text Editor Anywhere is basically a small, easy to use and a freely available application which allows you to send text from one text editor to another and that too in few simple steps. You may then use this text and you can edit and save it back to the previous or the source editor. You may experience various features like auto-completing, spell checking and syntax highlighting which are very similar to the options coming with advanced text editors. Let us take an example where you need to edit code received in email and you need to mark incorrect syntax usages and other code related glitches. Now, with the help of this utility i.e. Text Editor Anywhere, what you can do is, you may specify a software development IDE in its application list in order to send code text from any external application, such as, mail programs, plain text editor, etc. directly to the IDE where you may edit the code. After configuring the settings, you just need to use the default hokey combination which is – Win+A to bring up menu over any text box to send underlying text to specified software development IDE for editing purpose as already mentioned. Once you are finished with all the editing in IDE, it will send the text back to source editor/text box as already discussed.


You may download the utility from the link given below. While downloading you may observe that this utility has both an installer package and is also available in portable form. Once you launch it, you may observe that it simply requires being active and running from the system tray so that you may select a text editor of your choice in order to pass complex parameters to another text editor as already mentioned. Once you click Win+A hotkey, it will display a pop-up window for selecting a text editor of your choice.


Once the selected editor is opened, you may enter all the characters which you wish to pass on to the other editor, then you may save the document and exit the file. After this, all the added text or characters will be transferred to the original editor and you may see them there.


So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility and it works fine on almost all versions of Windows. Just download it and try out its features to explore it more.

Download text Editor Anywhere

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