Quickly Open Windows Functions and Settings With QuickLaunch

There are many windows configuration settings and functions which are normally hard to find or locate and some times you may spend goof amount of time to  find these options like, Ms config, Power Options, Registry Editor, Device Manager, Date and Time, Local Security Settings and lot more.

QuickLaunch is a free to use  program which allows you to quickly access all the hidden and or hard to find configuration settings in windows, so that you can save your crucial time and be more productive at the same time.


QuickLaunch works for windows xp and for Windows 7 another version of the same program called QuickLaunch Lite is released. Therefore, You can say QuickLaunch Lite that works for both Windows 7 and XP.

XP Supported version of this program has more options to configure and access, it almost have all the xp functions and other features configure. Number of functions there in the XP only version of this program is around 75 and for the version which supports windows 7 and xp it has access to 45 windows settings and options.

Download  [ Links Below ]

QuickLaunch Lite (for Windows 7 and XP) [ Link Updated ]


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