Quickly Go To Top Of A Long Scrolling Screen In iPhone Under Any Application

Another problem I was facing some days back on my iPhone 3G, when I was using Twitterfon or Echofon – a free twitter client app for iphone. I follow many people on twitter so when ever I open this application I got to see so many updates and the scroll bar moves down at the bottom of the page, so in order to read the latest tweet in my twitter public timeline I need to slide down my thumb many times over the iphone screen which is really annoying.


But then I tried the old trick of tapping the status bar at the top of the screen in iphone safari browser to move to the top of the page opened, and it worked here too in Twitterfon or Echofon. So under almost all the iphone apps you to go to the top of the vertical page by tapping the status bar in iphone once.


I hope you like this small iphone tip, here are some more iphone hacks we had written before.

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