Quickly Flip Active Windows With 3D Effect Using Mouse

Today, with the advancements in technology pictures, images and movies are going towards 3D vision. There are various software and technologies available for users which provide you with 3D view. As we all know that Windows 7 also provide this feature where it includes Win+Tab function that gives you a 3D preview of running application, and also allow you to cycle through those applications. But, for some users it becomes a tiring job to use this Win+Tab hotkey combination and they want an easy solution for this. So, for such users and such scenarios we present a small utility which may help the users.

If you are also among such users you may use FlipCorner. It is basically a small, useful, helpful, easy to use and a freely available application which allows the user to enter the 3D preview mode by moving the cursor to a corner of the computer screen. It also provides you the option through which you can set the corner of your choice, change the activation delay and define the size of reaction area to enable the function in order to enable the 3D preview in your system.


You may download the application from the link given below and in few simple steps you may easily install the application on your system. Once you install it, you may observe that the application will sit in system tray from where it will operate and cab be configured. Before doing any other operation, you first need to right-click on its icon and then you need to choose Configure for setting up and for activating this application. After this, you may select one or more corners to activate the 3D preview mode along with setting the Reaction Area which is there for defining the area on each corner that can activate the function, and off course the Activation Delay which is basically the time that you need to keep the mouse cursor in a corner for enabling the 3D preview mode. After configuring all the settings, you just need to click OK.

Once done, then you may try to move your mouse cursor to the defined corner to activate the 3D preview mode and you will feel the new experience. So, overall we can say that FlipCorner is a nice little utility which although has a very simple task to do but is useful in that particular task. You may download it and try it out on any of the Windows versions, provided you have Windows Aero enabled.

Donwload FlipCorner

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