Quickly Export All Data From Outlook With Code Two Outlook Export

Code Two Outlook Export is a free program which allows you to export almost all the data from outlook Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, Post, Tasks, Journal, Notes and more over it allows you to export non-standard user-defined fields from Outlook and is quicker and easier to use.

After installing this add on for outlook, it will appear in the standard toolbar under outlook, as shown in the image below.


When you click the add on icon it will allows you to export items from outlook, it will show you the mapping that will happen as per each field in between outlook and csv file which you can re arrange further.


Once you click Add button Field chooser dialog will be displayed. It allows you to add fields of data exported to the CSV file to the Exported fields list. The Field chooser dialog box displays a variety of fields, depending on the folder type, from which the data is currently exported.


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