Quickly Copy Any Youtube Video Embed Code For Website or Blog

There are times when you will need to embed a video in a website or blog in such cases there are 2 ways you can get the embed code, youtube has recently made some changes to their user interface design with which they made copying the embed code of a video so easy and quick.

Today we will discuss all the possible ways to copy the youtube video embed and also on how you can customize the code as per your preference.

The best and easiest way to copy the embed code for a youtube video is to just right click on the video while its playing and then select the option to copy the embed code as shown in the image below.

4-2-2011 2-21-03 PM

Please note that the above method will copy the embed code in the form of Object Code, with size ratio of Width x Height [ 640 x 390 ] pixels by default. Another method to copy and customize the youtube video embed code is to just click the embed button the bottom of the video frame as shown in the image below.

4-2-2011 2-10-18 PM

It will show the embed code, which you can copy as shown in the image below, but this will be the new video embed code with the iframe tag.

4-2-2011 2-10-55 PM

As you can see in the image above, you can also select different sizes for video frame from different size options shown above or else you can specify the custom width and height too.

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