Quickly Change The Background and Font Colours In Windows With RapidSet

RapidSet is small free and very simple to use utility which allows you to change the screen background color and font colors in windows very quickly and easily, normally in order to configure these settings you will need to browse the following screens in case of windows xp and vista. We have previously written about some related tips like Change Desktop Icons Background Colour, Make Windows Transparent and Hide Desktop Icons Automatically As Per Mouse Cursor

In Xp - Right click on the empty area of the desktop and select properties and then click the appearance and then you can change the background color and font color.

In Vista – Right click on the empty area on the desktop and select personalize and then click windows color and appearance to change the background color and font color.

On the other hand it RapidSet allows you access these options through it simple interface very quickly. [ as shown in the image below ]


Download RapidSet [ Direct Link ]

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