Quickly Change or Edit Settings Of A PC With Quick Config

There are different settings types of settings which a user need to change in windows computer, but all these settings are located in different areas and sections of windows that it becomes quite difficult to locate and configure them as per your usage.

Quick Config is a small program for windows, which allows you to configure and set various settings in windows computer with a custom profile. [ as shown in the snapshot below ]


sYou can configure the following windows settings



  • Network connections TCP/IP settings (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server, MAC), state of network connection
  • Computer identification computer name, domain or workgroup membership
  • Mapped Network Drives map, unmap network drives
  • Shared resources share, unshare local resources
  • Hosts file
  • Routing table


  • Sound sound volume, sound theme
  • Printer set default printer
  • Services start, stop, restart system services

Internet Browser

  • Internet Explorer network connection settings, Home Page
  • Firefox network connection settings, Home Page
  • Opera network connection settings, Home Page
  • Chrome network connection settings, Home Page


  • Display screen dimensions, color depth


  • Default applications default Internet Browser, E-Mail client
  • Launch applications launch selected applications after applying profile

We hope you like this quite useful tool for windows, it comes both as portable version and as a windows installer too, it works on all windows from windows XP to Windows 7

Download Quick Config to tweak settings in windows

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