Quickly Change Display Settings Of Monitor With Display Tuner

At times and again while performing various activities on your computer, like playing high definition games or watching movies or performing editing work on software’s like Picasa etc the display settings need to be changed like the brightness, contrast etc.

Many a times the color profiles also need to be altered by changing the intensity of red, green and blue color respectively, Sometimes it is seen that the geometry of the screen changes or needs to be changed including screen tilt, shifting the screen to right or left and increasing or decreasing the height and width of the screen.

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For making any of changes mentioned above the user opts for the switches provided on the monitor eventually opening an On Screen Display(OSD) window where one wastes energy as well as time while pressing those buttons and if one has a monitor with a touchpad, then wasting more time figuring the buttons.

To overcome such tedious operations a new utility has been introduced named Display Tuner which enables the user to perform above mentioned tasks with ease and convenience since the options are made available at the click of the button and the interface is very easy to understand as well.

Display Tuner  ColorSettings

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Key Features of Display Tuner

  • All Monitors whose settings can be changed from Windows, are supported by Display Tuner.
  • Display Tuner window can be minimized to the system tray and responds faster than other utilities like MagicTune, NaViSet or similar softwares.
  • With a single hotkey one can switch between several color profiles.

Display Tuner Geometry Settings


All monitors whose settings can be changed from Windows are supported by Display Tuner and runs in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and also goes with most of the graphic cards like: nVidia, ATI, Intel, S3, SiS, Matrox etc.

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