Quickly Change Browser Window Size To Test Web Application At Any Screen Resolution With Resize Browser

Resize Browser is a free application which could prove very useful for any developer doing development any web application to be run in any Internet browser. It allows you to test your code within all of the default Windows screen resolutions, without changing your own resolution. It simply resizes any browser window to 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768 or any custom size.


This small program verifies your html or web application at different screen resolutions without changing the screen resolutions. This is a must have utility for any web developer or application designer. There are options that allow it to stay on top, account for the Windows taskbar, center the browser within your current screen resolution or auto refresh the browser list.

How To Use

The use of this application is quite simple, just run your browser with your web application running, now run resize browser – select the resolution and click resize – that’s it. 

Note: This application runs from windows 95 to windows 7, we have just tested on windows 7 it runs perfectly fine without any issues

Download Resize Browser


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