Quickly Access Modified, Changed Files With Piles For Windows

There are times when you want to quickly access modified or changed files in windows, there in no default way in windows which could allow you do this. Piles for windows is a freeware program which is a lightweight application which allows you to access recently modified files in any directory you select. 


You can access newest files with two clicks! Piles for Windows create simple list, easily launched from taskbar, containing recently used files from selected folder, and helps you quickly access you newest downloads, documents you worked on lately and any other files you use often as shown in the image below.

In order to watch files being changed in a folder, you will need to right click the taskbar icon of the program and then select Create new pile


Now you will need to select the folder which you would like to watch for recently changed files


Now it will ask you to pin the folder to taskbar, so that you can keep a track of the files being changed in that folder.


This application designed for windows and works with all the versions of windows 7, we have just tested it on windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition. You can understand more about Piles for windows by watching the videos below.

Download Piles For Windows

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