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While writing blogs or in content writing, one may find screenshots very useful. Screenshots are also used when you want a proof of some transaction or if you want to show the exact and current scenario to someone else. So, for that the most common way which is normally used is capturing the screenshot, then saving it locally and then finally emailing or uploading it to a server in order to share it with someone else. But, this is really a tedious and looks like a painful task for the user. Although, at present there are already many tools which allows you to quickly share these screenshots with your friends or any user. One of the similar and a lot better one is being discussed here which will allow you to share these screenshots with anyone, quickly and easily.

Puush is an excellent service which allows the user to immediately share the screenshots captured within few seconds. Once the user takes the screenshot which he wants to share, it is automatically uploaded to the user’s account which has to be created once with this service and then one short URL is generated which can be shared with any other user. All these steps and actions take less than 10 seconds to complete.


In order to use this software, you can simply click on the below given link. After this, with few simple steps, you will be able to create an account as you firstly need to create an account with the service, which is completely free and takes less than a minute to complete. After creating this account, you can simply login from the GUI of the tool installed in the system. There you may observe that it provides you with 4 options, one of which allows you to capture the screenshot of any of the active application, and that too either the full screenshot of desktop or you may also capture any particular area by dragging and selecting it.


It also provides the facility by which one can use keyboard shortcuts or simply the drag-drop gestures for quickly capturing any portion of the screen and then for simply uploading that file. After this the URL which is returned by the application can be shared with anyone through any of the mediums such as Twitter, IRC or IM clients or any other medium. The tool is available for both OS i.e. for Windows as well as for Mac. The free online storage version comes with a file size limit of 20Mb and the total storage limit of 200MB. The best part of this tool is that the files once uploaded can be retrieved at any point of time in future.

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