Quick Upload Images, Codes And Files On Internet To Share With Others

We generally thinks that we need to have a website to publish the images or any other thing. Otherwise, we have to personally share it with the friends only. We are not able to give the web page links or everything we want to. But now it is not like that. We can share the desired images and codes with the free web services provided to us. The utility known as ClipUpload makes it all possible. Now, you can make easily upload the data the way you want to.

ClipUpload is small freeware of 816 KB only. It is a portable utility. It will be present on the system tray whenever you have to use it. Right click on the icon in the system and the two options will be presented to you as the uploading options. These are the two online services embedded for the users i.e. Pastebin and Imgur. The options presented are shown in the snapshot below.


Let us see how the services can help us. Right click on the icon and select the pastebin option to covert the text into different codes. The topmost item present on your clipboard will be considered. Select any of the options from the list: HTML, CSS,PHP, C#, VB.Net and None. The text will be automatically converted in the corresponding coding. To use the original text, select none.

Similarly, you can use the Imgur for the images or being more specific, the snapshots. Open the image or any software etc. which you want to display as a screenshot. Select the Drag screenshot –> Imgur option. Select the area of the screen in the rectangle which is to be uploaded. The things are automatically done. If by mistake you have not opened the desired files to take the screenshot, just press escape key to exit.

In both the cases, a direct link to your code or image will be generated in your clipboard to the respective web services for you. You can now easily use the links in any of your document or wherever it is required so that you can share it with others with the apt data. I have found the tool to be very useful. I think now almost all the users find it quite easy to upload the data. So, enjoy uploading with ClipUpload that too absolutely free.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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