Quick Tip To Hide The Ribbon In Office 2010 Products To Get More Free Space

One of the most hated feature of office 2007 was the new ribbon interface which was quite different to learn about and use for many office 2003 and previous users, some of the users learned how to use ribbon interface in office 2007 and some of them used some software to remove the ribbon interface and get the classic file menu back like previous versions of office before 2007.

With office 2010 beta release you can still see the ribbon interface, we previously posted about how to completely remove ribbon interface in office 2010 but today we will tell you another tip on how can you hide the ribbon interface in office 2010 products and use the classic file menu in office 2010 products.


As shown in the above image clicking the arrow to minimize the Ribbon and only tabs show in that case. Once the Ribbon is minimized you can click on the tabs to use them like menus.

You can always hide the ribbon interface when you are not supposed to edit the document opened, so minimizing the Ribbon is great when you know you won’t be making many changes to the document and just want to focus on the content that’s already there. I hope you like this small but useful tips for many office 2010 users, you can read some more office 2010 tips here written by us before. 

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