Quick Switch Internet Explorer And Google Chrome

We select the browsers based upon the various features available. And every browser has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if we have to compare between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, the preference would be inclined towards Google Chrome. At the same time there are few applications for which users have to work on internet explorer as they are available in Google Chrome. This is quiet inconvenient to use two browsers simultaneously. So to overcome the problem, Chrome has come up with a new extension known as Chrome IE which will allow the users to open internet explorer in the same browser.

Chrome IE is a very small Google Chrome Extension which will be installed very fast. It is available free of cost. You have to simply click on the extension icon present on the right hand top corner. The webpage which you have opened will now be available with the internet explorer options. Though the browser and the outlook will remain same that is of Chrome browser but the features available will be of internet explorer. The snapshot below displays the extension after installation.

Two Browsers In One – Run IE Inside Chrome - Google Chrome_2011-07-08_14-25-54

It is very easy and convenient to use. Simply go to the webpage and click on the icon to switch between the IE and Chrome browser. You don’t have to open the webpage again. The page will be automatically available in the IE.

There is another method to use the extension. Type IE in the omnibar and press space. It will switch it to Chrome IE extension as shown in the snapshot below. Now, the URL you enter and the keyword you are looking for will be opened in the internet explorer. It is a very simple and convenient task and you can enjoy your requirement of IE in the same browser.

New Tab - Google Chrome_2011-07-08_14-29-41

Now, you don’t need to waste your time in toggling between the different browsers. The work will be more simpler and easy to handle if the two webpages are in the same browser but with the different required features. It will solve any of your problems for using the features of internet explorer in Chrome. One of the major problems that many users complain about is to open two email ids in the same browser will also be solved. So, login for different email ids but in the same window.

This extension helped me a lot. And you will experience the same. So, just install it and enjoy your online work.

Install Chrome IE

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