Quick, Rapid or Fast Delete Large Number Of Files Containing Folders

Windows by default takes a ages to delete large number files or folder which contain large number of files, it takes time as it evaluates the size of each file before erasing it from your computer hard drive. Fast Folder Eraser is a free program which lets you delete folders with large number of files at a faster speed as compared to windows.

Fast Folder Eraser can do the same much faster and the files are not sent to the recycle bin, but are deleted directly. It took 4 minutes and 50 seconds to delete a large folders structure with 118,184 files for a total size of 7,27 GB.

Fast Folder Eraser

Key Features Of Fast Folder Eraser

Quickly delete folders with a large number of files

Statistics on the deletion process (single folder only)

Do not display statistics (faster deletion)

Reduce memory usage (slower deletion)

Work in background (faster deletion)

Exit when finished

Add to Explorer Context Menu

Hide Form when use Explorer Context Menu

No freezing during deletion process

Beep when finished

Simple GUI

Drag & Drop folders

This utlity can really save a lot of wasted time in waiting for the windows to delete large numbers of files and the program works on all the version of windows including windows 7, we have just tested the same on our Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition.

Download Fast Folder Eraser

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