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I am sure that most of you will be having a tool for modifying your profile image for Facebook, to add some effects by increasing or decreasing the shades or varying the brightness at some areas. Now even if you are not comfortable for putting the tool on your system, then also you cannot do anything if you want to edit your image before uploading them on the social networking site. Today I will be telling you about a web based application which will help you to do needful by letting you take pic from a webcam or getting a pic preloaded on your system and then modifying it online.

This web based application will let you to alter the specification of your image and then you can post that image directly from there to your Facebook account. We will tell you that how you can use this application. The steps are mentioned below.

  • First of all you will have to select the type of frame in which you are going to frame your image and these frames have a huge variety, so you can spend some time to choose the best frame for you. Some of them have been shown below in the screenshot.


  • Now after you have selected the frame, you will be directed to another screen where you will be able to take snap of yours, either by a webcam or you can upload the image already available on your system, once the image is loaded you will see you image inside the frame as mentioned in the snapshot. You can further play with the image by changing the specification as mentioned below the image preview in the snapshot.


Once you make all the change you can directly send that image to Facebook or you can download that image on your system and then you can manually post it on your Facebook Profile. I hope that you must have liked this web-application, as it is quite useful for those who love to change their Facebook quite frequently. The link to this application has been mentioned at the end of the post. If you face any issues while using this tool then please let us know by putting the comments in the comments section.

Profile Picture Maker

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