Quick Open, View Folders With Large Numbers Of Files

Today I will be telling you about a tool which will help you to deal with the folders which have large number of files. If you have a habit of habit lots and lots of stuff, then let us take an example of the Download folder on your computer, where you keep all the downloaded files. Now you might be downloading some videos, some audio files, some image files or some Pdf files. Now if you want to keep a record that how many different files of different files are there in that folder, then it is not possible if you start counting them manually.


I know it is possible, but no one will waste their time in counting them manually, so we have got a tool named Folder Explorer. This tool is very simple to use, you can see the screenshot of the tool. Now you will see that there is Start shaped icon on the top of the application window, you just need to click that so the application registers itself in the context menu. Now if you want to use this application then you can just go to the context menu of the folders and then you can use this tool or you can directly launch the tool by its exe file. After doing so, you can drag and drop a folder inside the application window or if you have opened the application with the help of context menu then there is no need to drag and drop the folder.

You will see the path of the folder in the middle top of the application window and then below that you can see all the different type of format which this file contains and then you can also see the number of file of that particular format. Below that you can see all the names of the files lying under that category of the format. You can copy the file names, file properties and file itself and put them at any other location. The size of this tool is around 500KB and it portable so it will convenient for you to use it anywhere. This has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so, if you face any problem while using then, please let us know.

Download Folder Explorer

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