Quick Move Windows In Dual Display Multiple Monitors

This article is meant for those users who work with multiple monitors connected to their monitor, I am also one of the users who you dual display monitors at work and I do feel my productivity increases with an extended display setup.

When it comes to dual monitors it concludes that we are already working with multiple windows, so in order to manage these windows across the dual display is a deal some times as if end up dragging these windows from one monitor to the other which takes some of your time collectively.

MonitorSwitch [ For Xp Only ] – It adds two custom buttons in the caption bar of any windows, allowing you to move the window to the next or previous monitor.

In order to move windows from one monitor to another you can the extra buttons on the left of the minimize button


It also adds custom menu commands to the window (or system) menu of applications that lets you quickly move windows between monitors.


If you are wondering a similar application for windows vista and windows 7 then don’t worry as there is in built keyboard shortcut that exist in windows 7 and vista which allows you to quickly move windows in between multiple monitors. Just press Window Key + Shift Button + Left or Right arrow key to move windows in between multiple monitors.

There are some other programs for managing windows on dual monitor setup like UltraMon, DisplayFusion and WinSplit etc which can help you more with using dual monitors more effectively.

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