Quick File Upload By Drag n Drop To System Tray Icon [Windows]

Now-a-days, with the increasing popularity of various social networking sites (facebook, twitter and more), most of us are very active on these sites and share our favorite music, videos and photos with our friends. But uploading our files for sharing takes quite a lot of time.

Earlier, we have reviewed about an application CloudApp for Mac OS which has become a very famous tool for uploading images, music, videos or files on the cloud instantly. And, now there is a new utility called FluffyApp which has made uploading of files more easy by just dragging them to the system tray icon.

FluffyApp is an alternative to the application cloudApp for windows. It has brought it to our desktop. This tool is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp. It is a portable application and needs no installation.

You just have to run the application and it will stay it in your system tray with this icon.


But, before that, you must be registered to cloudApp and should fill the login details in the space provided. If you are new to this application, then, there is no need to worry. You can register yourself by clicking on the link specified which will take you to the cloudApp login. Here, you can register yourself in just a few seconds by just specifying your email id and your password.


Now, for uploading your files, you just have to drag the file to the system tray icon and the process will be started. It will also notify you after the uploading gets competed.


You can also see the last five uploads and delete them right from the system tray right-click menu. Also, you can open uploaded file in a default web browser, copy primary & content URL, and delete the file.


You can also go to the cloudApp account directly clicking the ‘Open Web Browser’ option.


In the ‘options’ option of right-click menu, you can also disable the notifications, allowing it to copy links to clipboard and start the application at login in the ‘General’ option. You can also keep an update of the product in the update option.


With this tool, uploading screenshot has become very easy. For taking screenshots, you can use the traditional way of taking screenshots, i.e, PrintScreen for capturing whole screen area and Alt+PrintScreen to capture active application. Once captured, it will upload the image and notify you instantly.

For better understanding of this tool, watch the video and upload your files easily.

Download FluffyApp

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