Quick Events Preview Google Calendar Extension For Google Chrome

Google has been introducing the new extension for Google Chrome so that all the web services by Google can be operated in Google Chrome very comfortably as compared to the other browsers. This will make one thing sure that the users who love to go for using all the services of Google, will love to use Google Chrome all the time. As in one of the previous posts we mentioned an extension with the help of which you were able to use GTalk in your browser. In this post I will be telling you about an extension with the help of which you will be able to work with your Google Calendar on Google Chrome.


As you can see the snapshot of the extension posted above, once you install this extension you will, be able to see the events or any other information related to the Google Calendar of your account in your browser, along with viewing the events in the calendar you can also modify or you can create a new event. You will just have to click the link mentioned below and then you will be directed to another page from where you can install this application.


This extension will automatically show you the details of the calendar as per the accounts which are already activated in the browser. Apart from the event and the other schedules you can also see a mini-calendar, which may help you. So, if you are working on Google Chrome then you will not have to open any other tab or any window to work on Calendar just click the icon of the extension besides the address bar and then you can do all the stuff related to Google Calendar on Google Chrome.

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Google Calendar Extension

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