Quick, Easy Access External Volumes or Mounted Images on Mac OS X

The Mac OS X system is known for its ease of use, and intuitiveness. You have stuff like Spaces and Exposé which help you manage your application windows easily, and switch between workspaces. But more than often, its difficult to reach the desktop if you have quite a number of applications open. There are a lot many ways to switch amongst applications (Exposé, Cmd + Tab or via the dock), but there is no direct way to reach the desktop.

The motivation behind reaching for the desktop is usually to access something on the desktop, which maybe a file, but usually it is to access an external volume or mounted image. For example, I have an external hard disk which has 2 partitions, which are almost always mounted when I’m using my MacBook at my desk. With a lot of other applications open it can be difficult reaching these volumes.

Volumizer, a freeware app for Mac OS X, adds support for adding these external media volumes or images to the dock and/or the status bar for quick access when you have multiple application windows open.

Rather than an app, Volumizer is a PrefPane, which means you have to install it into the System Preferences in OS X (and give it root permissions). Once this is done, you can go the prefpane via System Preferences.

There are 3 options in the prefpane –

  1. Display In Dock – The volumes/images are added to the dock just like normal applications. Clicking on them opens them in new Finder windows.
  2. Display in Menu Bar – A new icon is added to the status bar, which houses a drop down menu containing the volumes/images. Each volume also includes an easy access ‘Eject’ option.
  3. Change the Menu Bar Icon – This changes the image used in the status bar from a colored one to a simple downwards arrow. You can choose any one of the two, according to your preference.

Download Volumizer

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