Quick Access To All Windows 7 Settings, Programs and Tools With Windows 7 In A Box

Windows 7 In a Box is small and easy to use portable tool which lets you access anything related to configuration to running default programs, settings and services. This utility can be a real time saver for all the new users of windows 7. This small application allows to access all these windows 7 settings and tools.


It allows to access all the windows 7 configuration settings and tools very quickly, this is a real time saver quick launcher application for all windows 7 users as it saves the time to locate all these settings and tools in windows 7

Following sections of windows 7 can be accessed with this tool

Windows 7 Functions


Windows 7 Folders


Windows 7 Internet Settings


Windows 7 Programs


Windows 7 Settings


Windows 7 Tools


that’s it. better download the tools and see it in action, you can read more windows 7 tips on this blog we had written before

Download Windows 7 In a Box [ via Nirmal TV ]


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