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While shopping at any of the retail outlet, you might have seen who those people make use of technology through barcodes which are machine-readable, data encoded images that contain miscellaneous information about any commodity or any item which you are purchasing. Not only this, rather there are many other instances where this technology is used for several reasons such as privacy, data hiding, etc. By this we mean that a barcode can contain any type of data, which may range from the price of an item as mentioned in the above cases to the download link of a song which may be available on the Internet for the users. Today, we are going to discuss one another utility which shows you one distinct way of using these barcodes.

Nowadays, barcodes are being used a lot on the internet in the form of QR codes, which are basically available in order to distribute links among users as mentioned in one of the examples quoted above. Earlier also, there are various generator utilities for generating this QR codes and they are available as a freeware on the web. But today, we are going to discuss a utility that that not only allows you generate and export QR codes into images, but also do this in a lot simpler and easier way as compared to its ancestors.


QRGen is a small, easy to use, useful, portable and most importantly freely available application that allows you to easily generate QR codes and save them into multiple image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF depending upon your requirements.


You may download the utility from the link given below and it may be easily installed in the system in just few simple steps. After running you may observe that the application is designed in a way to not confuse you with a lot of options, and is pretty easy to handle and cover its primary objectives. It has a nice and simple interface which contains the text input field in the top-right side, along with some other options to change the Size, Error Correction method and Save the image in different image formats appear in the bottom-right side as mentioned above. You may observe that finally the QR code appears in the left side of the main application window after you generate a QR code, by entering the text in the provided field, and by selecting the size from the pre-specified 100×100 to 500×500 image size list according to tour need and requirements. After this you need to choose the Error Correction method, and hit the Generate button in order to create the respective QR code. As already mentioned, you can export the image by saving it as PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG or BMP.

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