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I may recall an incidence when i was downloading some sample papers of an examination but most of them were downloaded from the different links. So i had large number of different pdf files to take care of, but it would have been great if knew about this software at that time because this freeware can merge any number of pdf files to a single pdf file. Not only this much it can also split a huge pdf file into a number of small files like breaking a huge book into number of chapters.


As the size of this tool is 1.56 Mb so it takes no time to get installed. The above snapshot shows the working of the software when you are splitting a pdf file, as you can see it can split your file with different methods like splitting into single pages, splitting at even pages, splitting at odd pages or you can make your own group of pages by entering the page numbers. Once you enter all the parameters you can define the desired location where it will produce its output.


The above snapshot of the tool has been taken while merging some pdf files. This can be very helpful as if you downloaded some written or readable content form different websites, then you can keep then collectively in a single file with the help of this tool. You can add any number of files and then after arranging them you can choose the destination of the output file. After doing so click the Merge pdf file option and then you’ll get pdf file at the destination address specified by you.


This freeware version of this software has certain limitations like you cannot merge more that 5 files at once or you cannot split your file into more that 50 pages and these limitations can only be removed by buying license of this product. You may be able to add password or receive the encrypted output file and many more features can be attained after buying the license as after buying this license you will upgrade your tool from freeware version to Pro version. It is also available in two languages – English and Germany.

As the number “7” indicates that this product has been provided complete compatibility with Windows 7 so it ran successfully on Windows Ultimate 32-bit edition and it is also compatible with other versions of Windows.

Download 7-PDF split & Merge

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